Importance of online learning in today’s fast moving market place

Value of Online Learning and How It Has Changed the Market Dynamics

Here is an insight on how online learning has changed the organizations and the mindset of professionals.

We live in a forever changing world, where skills become outdated every day as someone comes up with a better way to handle things effectively. This makes it necessary for people to learn new skills and keep themselves updated with knowledge and techniques required in professional world. Today’s world is knowledge driven and this has made it essential for everyone to gain relevant knowledge to thrive in today’s highly innovative workplace.

Today’s economy demands a set of analytical skills along with technical skills and this demand has stimulated the job market, making it more competitive than ever. This has created a new generation of students who constantly want to acquire new knowledge and strive to keep their skill inventory updated. Looking at this demand among students, colleges and universities have begun to implement online learning, making it possible for every student to take flexible courses, tailored to their choice without caring about the distance.

In such a competitive and time-starved world, online learning provides people – from recent graduates to mid-level professionals – with the tools to add value to their current skill set and broaden their horizons without the constraints of time or place.

Ryan Craig, of University Ventures, believes that organizations are shifting towards competency-based recruitment instead of degree-based selection. Studies reveal that degrees are no more deemed necessary for all jobs, which is why it is useless to prioritize degree as a pre-requisite. He believes that degree will not be a part of job descriptions in coming years, which will make the students and professionals choose online courses, which are relatively inexpensive, shorter in duration, tailor-made and constructed with ease and proper focus, as a medium to update their skills to meet the competitive corporate world.

This means that there is a high demand for continuation of higher education, but this demand is being compensated for in a different and ‘smarter’ way now. Online learning is attractive because high number of students is seeking to work on their personal development and online learning offers them the platform to learn.

Moreover, automation and globalization has given a rise to smartphones and has increased our dependability on them. This generation is more content with the idea of learning while they are on the go. They can conveniently get to learn new things without having to give up on their other pursuits which is sometimes not possible in traditional learning set ups.

There was a time when online courses were seen supplementary to traditional learning programs. However, today’s statistics show that there are more than 4 million web searches conducted for online programs. These numbers only highlights the need of making online learning a real deal on global level, putting more effort into refining its process and updating its content. It is not only highly demanded among professionals and students, but also cost effective, and easily maintained by colleges and universities without over–the-top investments in the programs, unlike traditional learning programs, which require state-of-the-art technology and innovative learning tools.

Traditional learning still holds its valuable place in the society, however many people want a lifestyle that does not tie them down in one place. They want to pursue bigger pursuits in life without compromising on quality education, which online learning programs have made possible or them.

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