Self-Paced Learning and its Benefits

Self-paced learning method and its advantages for a learner

Self-paced learning method was developed to give a learner better control on the activities of the learning process. This method assists a learner to understand the course contents in a better way. A classroom setting has proven to be not as effective for everyone.

With varying learning styles, schedules and lifestyles, it was only reasonable to develop a method that enables the learner take control without the effectiveness of lesson being compromised. Whether learning has to take place on an educational level or on a corporate level in form of trainings, self-paced learning technique has its applicability and its advantages.

Convenient and easy to schedule
Training is an integral part of employee’s growth but fitting it in between an employee’s schedule is not always easy. Each employee has different tasks assigned each day, of varying level of difficulty that will demand much or less mental efforts accordingly. Now if they have to incorporate training with their work, it becomes difficult for them to maintain a balance between both tasks effectively.

Therefore, with self-paced learning programs, employees would know that the resources are available and they can learn at their own pace. This way they will not feel overwhelmed and will be able to manage their tasks and learning simultaneously.


With online learning courses, and training material, there is no need to worry about venues to hold training sessions in. Expenses that involve teacher’s or trainer’s fee, venue cost, material cost, and other miscellaneous costs are easily minimized. This makes self-paced learning programs more cost effective.

Caters to learner’s learning style

Every learner has a different way of going about the course and people learn at different pace. Some understand the course just by going through it once and some have to practice it many times before it makes sense to them.

In a normal learning setting with one or two instructors and a number of learners, it is not possible that everyone would understand the lesson equally. Some people would need more time but in such setting, that will not be possible because of time constraints. However, self-paced learning programs give learners the flexibility to set their own pace, without having to wait for anyone.

Better understanding
Self-paced learning programs have tests and assessment quizzes at the end of each chapter. By taking these tests, they can keep a check on their progress and if there are any gaps, they would know how to fill them. In addition, a learner would have the ease to address all questions that arise, without having to wait for the trainer or the teacher to assist them.

Increased accountably

It is only natural that once you have been given a responsibility, you tend to take yourself more seriously. Self-paced learning programs give all the accountability to the learner. A learner knows what they have to do and how they will go about it.

Undivided attention

In a workplace setting, an employee has to take care of multiple tasks in tandem throughout the day. It is only normal that employee will not be able to give their full attention to the training material, which will eventually affect the purpose of training. Self-paced learning method allows an employee to be more focused and pay more attention to the course since they can set training hours themselves when they thinks they will be most available mentally.

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