About Us

To educate passionate people who improve society
through real-world applications.


Many people are worried about their future. They stress about whether they’ll find a job, if it will be fulfilling, whether they will earn enough to pay off their student loans, and whether they will fail and disappoint their families. People need to learn many things that colleges don’t teach, including how to behave professionally, how to collaborate, how to be life-long learners, and to be resourceful, resilient, and ethical. Tuition Kings is dedicated to teaching people the things they need to succeed in the real world, such as how to organize a job search, prepare for a job interview, manage time effectively, manage and reduce stress, be an effective leader, how to run a meeting well, survive and learn from a bad performance review, become a powerful speaker, learn to network, and many other skills that are the keys to success and fulfillment. Your greatness is limited only by the investments you make in yourself.